Solving problems

That’s where Cornerstone really shines. When customers come to us with problems, or results they want to achieve.  When they know what they want but aren’t sure how to get there. 

With a best-of-breed product approach, decades of experience applying products and our unique engineering and programming service capabilities, Cornerstone guides customers through the entire process from initial stages of information gathering and system conceptualization, through product selection to post sale training and implementation.

Hygienic Products

Our "best of breed" approach has allowed us accumulate a significant portfolio of products specifically for washdown environments.  Our vast offering of IP69K products designed for washdown and hygienic applications can help you comply with the law, avoid recalls, reduce downtime and increase efficiency. Below are some of the products we offer for this unique environment.

  • Actuators

    • Several options including stainless steel, food grade paint and grease

  • Barcode and Label Printers

    • Washdown enclosures for printers

  • Direct Drive Motors

    • IP69K linear motor

  • Electric Cylinders

    • IP69K electric cylinder with integrated motor

    • Stainless Steel Electric Cylinders (IP66, accepts any motor)

    • Food grade grease and seal options for many products

  • Encoders

    • IP69K rotary encoders

  • Gantry Systems

    • Custom stainless steel washdown gantries in most any size and format

  • Gearboxes

    • IP69K planetary gearboxes (typically for servo motors)

    • IP69K helical gearboxes (typically for AC induction motors)

  • HMI

    • 7“ IP69K HMI specifically for food/beverage applications

    • 7”, 10”, 15” IP69K HMI’s for harsh environments

  • Induction Motors and Gearboxes

    • Fully Stainless IP69K induction motors and gearboxes for washdown environments

  • Industrial Computers and Monitors

    • NEMA4X stainless steel monitors and panel mount computers

  • Lighting

    • IP69K stack lights

    • IP69K LED work lights

  • RFID

    • IP69K RFID tags

  • Robotics

    • Washdown SCARA Robot

    • Washdown 6-Axis Robot

    • IP69K Delta Robot

  • Sensors

    • IP69K sensors of most every type including Capacitive, Contrast, Color, Inductive, Luminescence,
      Magnetic, Photoelectric, Ultrasonic & more

  • Servo Motors

    • IP69K servo motors with vented connectors to eliminate pressure differentials