Cornerstone Technical Group, Inc. is an industrial automation solutions provider increasing return on investment and flexibility for customers by specifying, supplying and supporting the use of high-tech motion control, sensing and process control solutions.

ProgeA HMI/SCADA Solutions

Datalogic Laser Marking has never been easier

Datalogic is proud to announce the release of the new laser marker UniQ™, the industry's first compact all-in-one fiber laser marker.

Dynics - 140" Video Wall

Dynics offers an industrial solution to large display requirements in an ALL-IN-ONE self contained system which is a fully integrated unit that comes with our Cube Design featuring a high power INTEL 3rd Gen iCore Series CPU (i5 or i7) and it only requires power and a network connection.

High Speed H-Bot Gantry - Macron HBG-25 Robot

H-Bot gantries from Macron Dynamics feature a lightweight and modular design, allowing systems to reach areas in large envelopes at a high speed and with high repeatability.